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JP Bielech

Partner, RPF #37

JP has been a member of the IFTech team for the past 11 years, and is our current President. He has 42 years of experience across the industry including both public and private sector projects.

Leslie Proudfoot

Partner, RPF #503

Leslie has been with IFTech since May 2017 and has over 30 years of experience in the industry.  She has a varied background in forestry ranging from fire fighting, silviculture operations, logging supervision, road and bridge maintenance and construction and cut block and road design.  Leslie’s current focus is seed orchard management.

Angie Kuysters

Partner, RPFT #10034

Angie has been involved in the forest industry since graduating in 2000 and has been with IFTech since late 2018.  She has experience in harvest and haul operations and all aspects of reforestation. Angie currently is involved in tree improvement program development and implementation, stand tending program implementation, and nursery liaison work.

Emery Wilson

Junior Partner, RPFT #150056

Emery graduated in 2017 and has been working in the forest industry ever since.  He joined the IFTech team in 2019 and became a junior partner in 2022.   Emery is currently adding to his diverse experience in planning, silviculture, tree improvement and harvest operations.

Ian MacLachlan

Forest Geneticist, PhD

Ian has been with the IFTech team since 2021.  He is a forest geneticist with a PhD from the University of British Columbia that builds on his strong background in tree biology, aboriculture, and botany. Ian has previously worked on applied research projects in the UK, Canada, and the US, focusing on genetic adaptation to climate in coniferous tree improvement programs.  He has also worked in aboriculture consulting.

Stephanie Penner

RPFT #180034

Stephanie (Effie) recently joined the IFTech team in early 2022 but has been working in the forest industry since 2008. Effie’s 9 years of experience in the tree planting industry gives her a unique perspective and the ability to problem solve and work in challenging conditions. She is quickly gaining experience in all aspects of our business.









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