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Our Specialty

Our Team

Incremental Forest Technologies is proud to have a geneticist on staff.

Tree Improvement in the forest industry has been around for decades. In order to effectively design and deliver stellar tree improvement programs,  guidance from the geneticist is critical for sound science to be applied throughout the life of the programs. 

IFTech Provides:

  • Forest Genetics Consultation
  • Forest Genetics Project Management

Seed Orchard Management

Seed Orchard Management is currently our core business. Over the past decade, the forest industry has truly begun to reap the benefits of their investments into seed orchards through enhanced annual allowable cut levels on an ever-shrinking  forest landbase. With this recognition, comes the desire to continue to build the tree improvement programs to provide a viable timber resource that backstops the non-timber value resources that we want to maintain on the forest landbase.

Your Tree Improvement

How IFTech Can Help You

IFT has been involved in all aspects of setting up tree improvement programs including developing a parent selection plan, implementing selections, seed extraction, scion collection, grafting, design and development of seed orchards along with long-term management of orchards, progeny site seedling sowing, lifting and packing as well as progeny site measurements and maintenance. We are proud to be leaders in tree improvement in Alberta and wish to continue to grow our knowledge and experience while working together with industry and government.